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Plant fertilizers come in many different forms and compositions. They all contain nutrients that make for healthy proliferation, but some are complete plant foods that supply all 16 essential nutrients, while others target specific needs or shortfalls. Some are designed to be applied as solids while others are applied as liquids.

Best quality liquid fertilizer for sale

Liquid fertilizers compared to Solid Fertilizers

Plant roots readily take up nutrients from liquid fertilizer, such as WFS Trio Econatural export quality Liquid Fertilizer.  Solid fertilizers are slower to deliver nutrients because they must first break down and dissolve in ocean in the clay.

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Liquid fertilizers give a quick response. The nutrients are almost readily available to be absorbed through the roots and leaves, correcting nutrient shortfalls, giving plants a boost in growth through the growing season. You need to decide whether to use an inorganic or organic liquid because the results will be different depending on your choice.

Liquid fertilizer, such as WFS Trio the export quality Liquid Fertilizer is the nutrient rich liquid from worms, fish and seaweed, carefully balanced  for best growth and setting for fruits and vegetables.

Organic liquid fertilizers need to be diluted with water. They can be very concentrated and, if used undiluted, can burn your plants. Read and follow the instructions on the label

The great benefit of liquid organic fertilizers is that, as well as adding nutrients they contribute beneficial bacteria, fungi as well as organic matter that helps improve the soil.

The best fertilizer for growing vegetables successfully

Properly grown vegetables require high levels of minerals. They grow rapidly and are edible within 25-100 days. We value vegetables and fruits for their nutritional value and health benefits, and because they are tasty and crisp.

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Use these guidelines for a productive garden of good quality vegetables starting with soil testing the pH, phosphorus, lime potassium, soluble salts and soil texture, insects, diseases or chemical residues.

The basis for fertilizer recommendations is varies with garden varieties than for farm crops, with the aim is to grow the best vegetable crops, to stimulate early growth and good root development.

Don't over-apply fertilizer, especially nitrogen and potassium, if it’s not required.

Most native soils may have soil alkalinity, temperature, organic matter content and microbial. Nitrogen is leached from the soil and WFS Trio liquid fertilizer should be applied.

P15 Liquid Phosphorus is crucial the initial growing stages and in the mid to final stages of harvest. P30 Liquid Potassium is imperative in all stages of crop growth & development.  The liquid fertilizer analysis is expressed as a percent plant food content.

Cool weather periods reduce the nutrient uptake of elements, especially phosphorus and potassium liquid fertilizers.

There should be adequate soluble plant food (liquid fertilizer) readily available so the young plant will receive early, rapid growth for maximum crops. The first 4-6 weeks is critical for phosphorus liquid fertilizer and potassium liquid fertilizer uptake.

A small quantity of soluble nutrients at planting time into which roots of young plants will help growth and encourage early vigorous growth. Don't let the seeds to contact the fertilizer.

Liquid fertilizers are faster-acting than seed meals and other solid organic products, so liquids are your best choice. As soon as seedlings have used up the nutrients provided by the sprouted seeds, they benefit from small amounts of fertilizer.

Seedlings don’t need much in the way of nutrients, but if they noticeably darken in color after you feed them with a liquid fertilizer.

Liquid fertilizers are essential to ensure the success with container-grown plants, which depend entirely on their feed for moisture and nutrients. Container-grown plants do best with frequent light feedings of liquid fertilizers.

Liquid fertilizers are invaluable for growing cold-tolerant crops that start growing when soil temperatures are low. Nitrogen held in the soil is difficult for plants to take up until soil temperatures rise above 50 degrees Fahrenheit or so, meaning plants can experience a slow start because of a temporary nutrient deficit in late winter and early spring.

Water-soluble liquid fertilizers are short-acting and easier to regulate compared with longer-acting dry organic fertilizers, apply liquid fertilizer lightly when mixing solid organic fertilizer into the soil prior to planting.

The best fertilizer programs for growing the best vegetables successfully

A regular fertilizer program is needed to keep plants growing healthily and looking well all season. Frequently watering containers results in the leaching of nutrients. These nutrients need to be replaced on a regular basis.

Liquid Fertilizer Products Online
Our team of Horticultural Scientists have developed a series of programs to help growers use liquid fertilizers successfully. Learn how to use liquid fertilizers so that the usage is a more cost effective liquid fertilizer program

Click on the program button on the menu bar and select the appropriate liquid fertilizer program for more information

Liquid fertilizers and containers
These products are mixed with water according to label instructions and then applied during normal watering. It is suggested to apply fertilizer to the soil media when it is moist rather than when it is completely dry.

This helps to avoid potential damage to the plant. Reapplying every two weeks or so will provide adequate nutrition for most containers. You can adjust the frequency of application based on overall appearance and growth.

The choice of fertilizer analysis will depend on the kinds of plants you are growing. High nitrogen sources would be good for plants grown for their foliage while flowering and vegetable crops would prefer lower nitrogen and higher phosphorous types.

Safe, reliable liquid fertilizer with long term benefits

With our liquid fertilizer, you will get export quality, with safe features of liquid fertilizers.

always read the label for instructions on how to use liquid fertilizers safely

Best Organic Liquid fertilizer Online
You can add herbicides, pesticides or fungicides—and boost the nitrogen for your crop at critical growth stages while you address threats to your crop.

When applied through foliar application, liquid fertilizers will adhere to and penetrates the leaves feeding your plants when they need nitrogen the most. offering trouble free application, easy handling and outstanding quality and performance.

High Phosphorus, Low Salt Starter
P15 liquid fertilizer gives you the ability to get your plants off to a fast start with a high phosphorus starter. Its special low salt formulation makes P15 an ideal choice.

K30 liquid Potassium
K30 may be applied either as a foliar feed or injected through an irrigation system. K30 gives the lawns professional a completely soluble potassium based product that allows immediate plant utilization through root uptake and foliar feeding. K30 can be applied throughout the growing season to correct potassium deficiencies and aid in increasing drought resistance, winter hardiness and overcoming the stress associated with insect and disease pressures.

WFS Trio econatural Liquid fertilizer
is a true clear blend, it is ideal for turf, foliar feed and root injection of trees and ornamentals.  WFS Trio mixes readily with liquid fertilizers, insecticides and herbicides.

WFS Trio provides numerous benefits to crop production and can be applied to all crops and turf on any soil type. It is also compatible with most fertilizer and pesticide solutions. WFS Trio is an effective, readily available source of vital micronutrients for soil and foliar application. Micronutrients are essential components in many plant metabolic systems such as photosynthesis, cell wall formation, translocation and enzyme synthesis. WFS Trio important for desired results and highly dependent on stage of crop growth, soil fertility levels and environmental conditions.

Cost effective liquid fertilizer with the best growth factor

Liquid Fertilizer Solutions, EcoNatural WFS Trio, is the choice of professional growers of fresh fruits and vegetables, & for today's environmentally conscious and cost conscious customers .

Liquid Organic Fertilizer Australia

Our EcoNatural WFS Trio liquid bulk fertilizer is safe and extremely an effective alternative to chemical fertilizers with an established performance.


Liquid Fertilizer Solutions offers a safe and cost-efficient cable of natural liquid fertilizers. Liquid fertilizers are convenient and free of dangerous substances, making Liquid Fertilizer Solutions the ideal choice for farmers, commercial growers, lawn care and turf professionals striving natural products with established performance .

Liquid Fertilizer Solutions Agronomists,  talk with real people who use their liquid fertilizers on their farm or home vegetable garden. They've had great outcomes and are still using  the liquid fertilizers. They talk of fantastic growth, flowering, setting, the savings benefits and how cost effective Liquid Fertilizer Solutions fertilizers are .

Using Liquid Fertilizer Solutions Natural Fertilizers affords multiple benefits for financial savings immediate and longterm.

*Application rates are minimal
* Resistance to drought, frost, disease, pests, resulting in healthier crops
* Liquid Fertilizer higher crops yields, more profits
* Longterm improvement of the condition of the soil
* Feeds the natural soil biology to improve soil preconditions and nutrient accessibility
* Natural and organic formulations reduce environmental and safety concerns linked with conventional fertilizer
* Liquid Fertilizer won’t harm your water resources
* Safe for cattle, horses, dairy flocks
* Safe for patrons of golf courses, sport fields, parks, reserves, schools
* Liquid Fertilizer cost savings per hectare compared with chemical fertilizers
* Liquid Fertilizer higher crops yields, more profits

Smart professional growers use the best fertilizers for best plant growth

Ask our Agronomists … how to best use liquid fertilizers

 We are often asked how to best use fertilizers …  our answer is always the same 

Select and Use best quality liquid fertilizers, to get the best growth for your plants

The best quality fertilizers tend to be more cost effective. We recommend to have your soil tested before planting a new crop, and every 3 years,  check to see if there are any nutrient deficiencies.

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