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K30 Potassium Liquid Fertilizer

The K30 Potassium liquid fertilizer is a potassium oxide liquid E.C. fertilizer. The K30 liquid potassium formula is readily absorbed and recommended when plants need potassium. K30 Potassium liquid fertilizer is very Cost effective with low usage rate as a foliar fertiliser, as the cost to spray a acre of crop is the equivalent to 2 cups of “coffee”.

K30 Potassium Liquid Fertilizer 20 litre details download.

In solution form this formulation releases carbon dioxide and as a result this boosts sugar and energy production within crops that have a direct action in increasing productivity while promoting tastier vegetables and fruits and more colourful flowers.

The K30 Potassium liquid fertilizer supplied is free of nitrate, sulphate & chloride, as many crops are sensitive to such elements. K30 Potassium liquid fertilizer also counteracts nitrogen growth which is not favourable for fruit & flower development.

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The K30 formula is readily absorbed and applications are advisable when plants particularly need potassium.
Potassium disorders are manifested by wide spread chlorosis due to a decrease in Beta Chlorophyll rate, marginal yellowing of adult leaves followed by necrosis and stunted growth with appearance of brown necrotic spots.

The K30 formulation encourages carbohydrate accumulation (improving sugar, starch and oil content), it increases plants’ resistance to diseases and adverse climatic conditions, it stimulates development of “mechanical tissues”, it affects transpiration process thus regulating water balance, it enhances fruit preservability, it intensifies flower and fruit coloration.

Treatment with Liquid Potassium K30 should start from first growth stages as it encourages a balanced nitrogen absorption.

Combining Liquid Phosphorous P15 with Liquid Potassium K30 in foliar fertilisation & fertigation, has a direct benefit on fruit setting and promotes an increase in crop growth and development from the mid to final stages. K30 can be mixed with other LFS products.