best fertilizer for hydroponics

P15 Liquid Phosphorous

P15 Liquid Phosphorous in the first growth stages encourages root development and flowering.  P15 Liquid Phosphorous is very cost effective as only small quantities are required for leaf application for crops.

Combining Liquid Phosphorous P15 with Liquid Potassium K30 in foliar fertilisation and fertigation, shows a direct benefit for fruit setting, and promotes plant growth and increased development from the mid to final stages of the crop.

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P15 Liquid Phosphorous also stimulates plants’ resistance to adverse weather conditions, as well as parasites.

It is recommended for fertigation on vegetables, flowering plants and fruit trees to prevent and/or treat phosphorus deficiencies.

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In fact, the P15 formulation is readily absorbed by crops and is not affected by the blocking action of soil components.

P15 can be mixed with other LFS products.

P15 Liquid Phosphorous is particularly suitable in the first growth stages to encourage rhizogenesis (root development) and flowering.