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WFS Trio liquid fertilizer

The EcoNatural plant growth regulators in WFS Trio Liquid Fertilizer, will successfully improve flowering, setting, rooting and the uptake of nutrients. WFS Trio Liquid Fertilizer is very cost effective with many side benefits. WFS Trio releases healthy bacteria in the soil, making organic nutrients more absorbable to crops.

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WFS Trio, the benefits of soil and leaf application for your crop.
Natural plant growth regulators that are available in WFS Trio, successfully improves flowering, setting, rooting and  the uptake of nutrients.

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Additionally, WFS Trio, from our worm farms, stimulates cell division and helps to build the resistance of crops to fungal and bacteria diseases and adverse weather conditions.
WFS Trio releases healthy bacteria in the soil, decomposes organic matter more quickly, making organic nutrients more soluble and more absorbable to crops.

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WFS Trio conditions and aerates soils, while promoting moisture content, it also assists in counteracting transplant shock.
Over a period of time, using the WFS Trio solution reduces the amount of input of soil based synthetic fertilisers, as the microbes in the solution makes “locked up” nutrients from the soil available to crops.
WFS Trio can be mixed with other LFS products.

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