Organic Liquid Fertilizer

Organic fertiliser such as the WFS Trio is a nutrient rich liquid from our worm farms, seaweed extracts and fish emulsion, these Organic liquid fertilisers must be diluted with water.
They are very concentrated and, if used undiluted, can burn your plants. The undiluted solutions are dark in colour and should be diluted down to the colour of weak tea.
The great benefit of liquid organic fertilisers is as well as adding nutrients they add beneficial bacteria and fungi as well as some organic matter that helps improve your soil or potting mix.
Organic fertilizers such as animal and green manure, blood meal, fish emulsion, cottonseed meal, granite dust, and rock phosphate have several advantages. Many organic fertilizers contribute organic matter to your soil, improving the structure, feeding soil microbes, fighting fungal and bacterial diseases, and contributing micronutrients.
Most organic fertilizers supply a slow but steady diet for plants. Their slow release of nutrients, can be dependent on the action of soil microorganisms, may take too long to remedy a dire issue, when an adequate nutrient supply is needed.
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