Ca4.5 Calcium Chelate Liquid Fertilizer

Ca4.5 Calcium Chelate Liquid Fertilizer

Ca4.5 Calcium Chelate Liquid Fertilizer

Ca4.5 Liquid Calcium Chelate is totally in a chelate form, designed for foliar  fertilisation, making it highly absorbable by the leaves of crops.

Calcium plays a vital role in the growing points of crops, thIs formulation helps to alleviate calcium deficiencies and promotes firmer harvested crops, increasing their shelf life. Visual indicators of Calcium deficiencies are Blossom end rot of fruit, poor root growth, leaf tip burn and eagle beaking of leaves.

Ca4.5 is chloride and nitrate free. Certain crops are sensitive to chloride, as this element inhibits growth and development, reducing yields.

Nitrogen in the form of calcium nitrate should not be used in the fruit development and harvesting period, as it increases vegetative growth that competes with developing fruits for nutrients, reducing yields.

Ca4.5  can be combined with sulphate and phosphate based fertilisers. Ca4.5 can be mixed with other LFS (liquid fertilizer solutions) products.

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