Liquid Fertilization Programs

Liquid Fertilizer Solutions, has prepared a series of LFS programs for fruit , vegetable , agricultural  and flower crops and turf for professional growers who want outstanding growth of their crops, while saving on fertilizer inputs.
Our team of Horticultural Scientists have developed the WFS Trio EcoNatural liquid fertilizer, comprised of a nutrient rich liquid from our worm farms blended with premium water soluble seaweed extracts and fish emulsion.
 They are very concentrated and, if used undiluted, can burn your plants. The undiluted solutions are dark in colour and should be diluted down to the colour of weak tea.
    • WFS Trio liquid fertilizer Online Organic liquid lawn fertilizer

      The EcoNatural plant growth regulators in WFS Trio Liquid Fertilizer, will successfully improve flowering, setting, rooting and the uptake of Read More

    • K30 Potassium Liquid Fertilizer liquid fertilizer for hydroponics

      The K30 Potassium liquid fertilizer is a potassium oxide liquid E.C. fertilizer. The K30 liquid potassium formula is readily absorbed Read More

    • P15 Liquid Phosphorous best fertilizer for hydroponics

      P15 Liquid Phosphorous in the first growth stages encourages root development and flowering.  P15 Liquid Phosphorous is very cost effective Read More