Hydroponics Fertilizer

best fertilizer for hydroponics

Choosing a carefully crafted fertilizer or nutrient solution for hydroponics systems is the key to the system’s health and copious production. If you want to get quick results and share less efforts, liquid fertilizer is the best option to go with. Liquid hydroponic fertilizers make fertilizing quick and easy. In contrast to powdered fertilizers, which are rather complicated in use, liquid fertilizers require minimal time and work and bring maximum results.

If you’re looking for the best combination of price and quality try out WFS EcoNatural Trio Liquid Fertilizer.

Why WFS EcoNatural Trio is the best  Liquid Fertilizer ?

  • Fertilizer Perfect for Hydroponic Crops

WFS Trio is high in quality, and perfect for hydronic crops. It enriches the soil with healthy bacteria, making organic nutrients more available to crops. It contains Azotobacter ,the bacteria which plays an important role in nitrogen cycle, binding atmospheric nitrogen and releasing it into the soil,which otherwise is not accessible to plants.

WFS Trio also stimulates cell division and helps to build crop resistance to fungal and bacterial diseases and adverse weather conditions.Aeration is another benefit of WFS Trio. It allows air and nutrients to penetrate the soil and get to the plant roots,while also assisting in counteracting transplant shock.This helps the plant roots to grow deeper and stronger.

Over a period of time, using the WFS Trio solution reduces the amount of input of soil based synthetic fertilisers, as the microbes in the solution makes “locked up” nutrients from the soil available to crops.
WFS Trio can be mixed with other LFS products, other fertilizers and pesticides.

  • Cost Effective Fertilizer

If you’re growing for profit price of the fertilizer matters a lot. WFS EcoNatural Trio Liquid Fertilizer is both high in quality and cost effective.It’s sure to provide your plants the nutrition they require at any stage of the growing cycle, while at the same time result in a cost effective production. It’s a great solution for pharmers and hydroponic growers to get off to a good start.

  • Easy to Use Fertilizer

WFS EcoNatural Trio Liquid Fertilizer is hassle free and doesn’t require all the bells and whistles to grow successfully.

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